Environmental Sustainability

Highest Standards of Environmental Care

Environmental sustainability is as important to us as animal welfare. VRP Farms participates in the Alberta Environmental Farm Plan Program, and follows the Alberta Operations Practices Act, which has guided us in feedlot renovations and construction of such things as catch basins, proper drainage, pen square footage, etc.

VRP Farms utilizes a number of protocols to care for our environment:
  • IPS (integrated pest control.)
  • Dust suppression systems (irrigation systems installed to control dust.)
  • Creation and implementation of a documented soil and manure management plan
  • Participant in WEBs (Watershed Evaluation of Beneficial) management practices
  • Strictly adhere to the Agricultural Operations Practices Act. 

Our Commitment

Everyone at VRP Farms is committed to excellence in our business, industry & community.


Workplace Safety

Animal Care / Food Safety

Environmental Sustainability