Animal Care / Food Safety

Highest Standards of Animal
Care & Health

Animal welfare is a priority from day one. All cattle are individually identified upon entry to our feedlots and their history is recorded and tracked from arrival to slaughter using a fully computerized individual animal health management software program feedIT from ITS Global.

We expect strict adherence by all staff to federal and provincial regulations regarding animal health and food safety, as well as to our veterinarian’s standardized and documented health operating procedures and protocols to ensure the health and welfare of all animals under our care. Adhere to veterinary written and monitored procedures for immunizing and treating cattle.


Our feeding program is developed and monitored by our management team and Cargill Animal Nutrition, who provide leading-edge nutritional consulting services and training to feedlots in the United States & Canada.

Quality Control

Outcome measures such as morbidity, mortality, railers, and live animal and carcass performance are tracked and reviewed regularly.

This is coupled with in-house leading-edge research to continually identify areas for improvement based on objective data and sound science.

Veterinarian Oversight

Herd health and export programs include staff training and standardized operating procedures developed and monitored by our consulting veterinarian, Dr. Joyce Van Donkersgoed, DVM, MVS and her team at Alberta Beef Health Solutions. Dr. Van Donkersgoed is a well-recognized Canadian feedlot practitioner and researcher in advanced bovine medicine and epidemiology.

She has been a consultant to the National and Alberta Cattle Feeders Association and Canadian Cattlemen’s Association/Canada Beef for many years, helping the industry develop leading edge production programs (Quality Starts Here/Verified Beef Production, Alberta’s Environmental Farm Plan) and federal CFIA import and export programs that are science based, practically applicable on farm, and support international market access e.g. CFIA’s US Restricted and Terminal Feeder Programs and the EU Hormone-Free Program. We utilize these industry programs in our daily operations.

Dr. Joyce Van Donkersgoed named as the 2017 Metacam® 20* Bovine Welfare Award winner –  Boehringer-Ingelheim

Our production protocols conform to those of many value chains and exceed the requirements of the national beef on-farm food safety program Verified Beef Production, which Dr. Van Donkersgoed originally developed for The Canadian Cattlemen’s Association.

September 14, 2016: A feedlot’s commitment to animal care

Our Commitment

Everyone at VRP Farms is committed to excellence in our business, industry & community.


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Animal Care / Food Safety

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