Mr. Cornelius (Cor) Van Raay’s vision has helped mold the modern day feedlot, and set the bar in the Canadian cattle feeding business. Starting with just 50 head of cattle, the business grew to be one of the largest feedlot operations in Canada. As an innovator and early adopter of technology, Mr. Van Raay implemented best practices and developed unprecedented operational efficiencies in large-scale feedlot operations, while focusing on sound environmental stewardship and improved animal handling techniques.

Mr. Van Raay’s “big picture” thinking, intellectual curiosity, and strong work ethic helped launch several successful agri-businesses including Butte Grain Merchants Ltd., Western Tractor, Van Raay Land Inc., and Sungold Specialty Meats Ltd., one of Canada’s largest producers of lamb.

To ensure that agriculture continues to attract young people and new entrants, his major financial gift launched the Cor Van Raay Southern Alberta Agribusiness Program at the University of Lethbridge and Lethbridge College in 2014. Connecting agriculture and business, the program increases educational opportunities and innovation, while ensuring that agriculture remains a significant driver in Alberta’s economy.

Mr. Van Raay is especially pleased that all of his children continue to be involved in agriculture.

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