Lethbridge County is considering a request from Picture Butte to provide financial help with their new community pool.

During their regular Nov. 1 meeting, Lethbridge County council met with a delegation from the Town of Picture Butte to discuss support for the new Picture Butte community pool.

Picture Butte CAO Keith Davis, speaking on behalf of the delegation — which consisted on Picture Butte Mayor Cathy Moore and coun.(s) Joe Watson, Henry de Kok, Teresa Feist and Cynthia Papworth — started off their presentation by explaining that the pool that they are replacing had been in place for over 55 years, and had suffered from issues such as the pool basin leaking and structural issues in the pool building.

“We’ve already completed two renovations in that lifespan, so we felt that doing another renovation on the pool basin was not worth the investment on such an old piece of infrastructure,” said Davis, adding it wasn’t meeting the current code for pools.

“One of the main drivers of it was it wasn’t meeting our users expectations or satisfactions. The pool basin wasn’t family-friendly; if you had a child that was under six years of age, our shallow end was too deep for that child to stand, they would have to be held up by their parent, and there was no other area with the facility that would allow a toddler or children to play directly in the water without being held by their parents.”

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