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Job Title: Feedlot Management Assistant


This opportunity is perfect for a career-minded individual who can thrive in a diverse environment. The role of Feedlot Management Assistant is critical to our team, we require someone who can adapt quickly, communicate effectively, and take both direction and show initiative. Responsibilities of the role will also require a strong understanding of beef cattle production, self-motivated, effective time management with the ability to meet deadlines.

Major Responsibilities

• High level of confidentiality at all times
• Analyze data from feedIT (Animal Management System)
• Execute field work and maintain VRP’s Quality Assurance Program
• Generate and Track KPI (Key Performance Indicators)
• Support Management team in various activities – Training sessions, loyalty, and reward programs.
• Create and maintain standard operating procedures at all feedlots.
• Assist with internal trials by gathering data to complete cost analysis.
• Track operational efficiencies at all feedlots.

Experience / Skills Required

• Bachelor’s degree in animal science (Beef Nutrition) is recommended however affiliated experience to beef cattle production is acceptable.
• Must be proactive and results driven
• Organized, focused, and driven in executing on a timely basis
• Perform well independently and as part of a team
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills
• Effectively use Microsoft Excel, Word, and Outlook (email)

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