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Job Title: Feed Truck Driver

Reports To: Feedlot Foreman

The Feed Truck Driver is an employee who is responsible to drive and operate feed truck and loader in a safe manner, follow direction from the feedlot foreman as well as company protocols and procedures.

Major Responsibilities
  • Every action must have a positive contribution to the business’s bottom line
  • Feeding cattle with Feed Truck in a safe in timely manner 3x a day
  • Follow direction from Manager as well as company protocols and procedures
  • Operate loader
  • Clean silage pits daily
  • Shovel bunks if needed
  • Keep trucks and loaders in good running condition
  • Daily checklist on Feed Truck to keep trucks & loaders in good running condition
  • Mill must be kept clean and in good running condition
  • Clean up any spills
  • Specialized jobs when assigned by Manager
  • Good attitude – Must be a Team player
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